Does Your Product's Packaging Design Make A Strong, Profitable Shelf Impact?

Posted on: 8 July 2015

Shoppers around the globe are bombarded with product advertising and marketing tactics every day. This is especially true when you shop at stores filled with shelves of many products, each one of them trying to be the one that catches your eye. If you want your products to stand out from the rest, coming up with a packaging design that is outstanding, unique and simple to understand is necessary.

The Competition Is Beside You On Store Shelves

The effect your product's packaging design has on consumers is called 'shelf impact'. If your product does not catch the eye of potential customers, you lose a window of opportunity for making a sale. Remember your competitor's product is right next to yours on the store's shelves and has a design that is cool and grabs the attention of passing customers. One way to ensure your packaging design is an attention-grabber is to make it simple to identify to all consumers.

Lettering Says A Lot About Your Product

Choosing vivid colors is a good idea for attracting the eye of potential customers. However, when you choose a brightly colored background, remember to choose a darker, bolder color for lettering. The bright color standing out against a stark background is an eye-catcher. Bear in mind the lettering style you choose also makes an impact on your customer's understanding of your product. For example, if you sell bottled steak sauce, you might think about a Gothic style lettering for implying your sauce is an old world flavor and quality. You certainly would not choose a letter style that would reflect your old world style sauce as any other.

Leaving Room For Variations And Design Changes

When choosing a package design for your product, leaving room in it to add other elements later on is important. Take that bottled steak sauce you were making in the last example. Suppose your steak sauce was a huge seller. You decide to add different flavors like onions, honey or molasses to that same steak sauce. If you left room on your steak sauce's original packaging design for adding information about new flavoring, you will have an easier time successfully expanding into a greater product line.

Effective Packaging Includes Details About Container Packaging Design

Consider the bottled steak sauce one more time. Think about the actual physical shape of the bottle your steak sauce is sold in. Would it be easy to pick up and hold for most consumers? Would it be manufactured out of glass or plastic? These are some of the package design issues you may need to consider for your products when deciding on the packaging design that will best meet the needs of your customers.

It may be wise to consult with a product design firm when designing your product's packaging.


Getting Help From A Professional Business Consultant

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